Bring Digital Badges to Your School or Classroom

Tuesday 8:00 - 8:50 AM CDT

Badges, badges, badges. Fun, motivation, excitement. Ok, you get the point. Badges are a time tested (think like for 10,000 ago or more) method to bring out full achievement in students and adults. Everybody loves to receive recognition for things they have done.
The communication revolution (thanks Internet) means we can both give and display badges on a grander scale than ever before. My school is currently in a beta test stage for using badges with students and we would like to share our experiences so far. This workshop will cover some of the ins and outs of using badges in and outside of the classroom.
Learn more about Michael Boll at Innovative Professional Development Blog

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(Tuesday 8:00 - 8:50 AM CDT)

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  • Engage in the Session. It doesn't matter if you are in Des Moines, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris or Shanghai - This is an online professional development model that can support your faculty.

After the Conference, Watch Mike Boll's K-12 Online Conference Video

We originally found Mike Boll because he had created a 20-minute video presentation for the K-12 Online Conference. You will be directed back to this video at the K-12 Online Conference site so that you can find additional information about the speaker as well as explore the other recorded presentations.

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