ITEC 2011 Session Handouts

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Monday Session Handouts

Session Title
Fab@School: Personal Fabrication and STEM Implications

Skype R' US
Skype R' US
Langel, Luann
Web Page Design Using
Langel, Luann
ePortfolio for Teachers Using Google Sites
Stevens, Debbie & David Runneals
Geospatial Technology
Bruxvoort, Day, Elliott, Jacobs, Olson, Schaa
Flattening the World One Classroom @ a Time
Schmalen, Kay
Using Web based tools to Communicate
Waterman, Toy
Finding the Right Tool
Fox, Zimmerman, Francis, Creek Squad
Getting to Know the Creek Squad
Dahl, Marisa
Blogging, it is so easy even this kindergarten class can do it (and their teacher)!
Mourlam, Daniel
The Educational Uses of Facebook
Dolan, Lisa
Searching the Internet
Holubar, Mary & Ward, Tricia
Integrating Technology Into the Classroom
Lalk, Sarah
Using Interactive Technology to Engage Students in Comprehension Strategies
Krefting, Denise
21st Century Skills Implementation- a district's story
Sara Richardson
Educational Gaming: Sneaking in Learning Through Fun!
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Zeitz, Leigh
1-to-1 Is NOT Enough
Slechta, Tricia
Web 2.0 tools and examples of using them in the classroom
Vanhook, Carol
Web2.0 A Journey to Lifelong Learning (The presentation with my notes) (My handout)
Vanhook, Carol
Web2 - VanHook
Lalk, Sarah
Using Interactive Technology to Using Interactive Engage Students Technology in Comprehension
Abeling, Brian
Banned Technology in Iowa
PDF Handout:
Website with the overall results, mostly displayed in charts
Web site with sample cell phone policies:
Web site with sample personal wi-fi device policies
Sundermann, Carl
Getting a Grip on Staff and Student Printing
Frerichs, Chad
Using Google Scripts, Forms, and Calendar to Streamline Processes
Schroeder, Neil
Keeping students connected
Murphy, Peggy
10+ a few more Web Tools for Your Classroom
Seymour, Joanna
Feldmann, Cathy
Miller, Sheila
Integrating iPad2's in a 1:1 Learning Environment.
Cedar Valley Catholic Schools Professional Development Page

Tuesday Session Handouts

Session Title
Ann Nicholson
Stretch your Software Budget with Free Software
Elana Liu
Reading Comprehension and Technology
Breen, Carter, Thornton
Create, Collaborate, Celebrate!
Sara Richardson
YouLearn With YouTube!
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Sara Richardson
Creative Commons
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Slechta, Tricia
Disengaged student, Engage them
Galloway, Robin &
Zeitz, Leigh
Using Social Media to Enhance Your Personal/Professional Development