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Bud "The Teacher" Hunt - Colorado

Bud The Teacher shares the journey they have taken to conceptualize and develop their Discovery Center for Make/Hack/Play in his Colorado school district. This session will be valuable to Iowa educators because he identifies the many ideas/problems/issues that they encountered as they entered the Make Movement and how they addressed them.

Monday, 10:45 - 11:35 CDT

Bud the Teacher's Blog - Inquiry and Reflection for Better Learning

Watch the YouTube HangOut-On-Air broadcast.

If it is within the time listed above, you will find that the broadcast below is a LIVE Google Hangout-On-Air. Unfortunately, the broadcast below is about 45 seconds delayed from the actual presentation. This means that if you are in the actual session room at the ITEC conference, what you see in the video below will not match what you see at the front of the room.

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We originally found this presenter because he had created a 20-minute video presentation for the K-12 Online Conference. You will be directed back to this video at the K-12 Online Conference site so that you can find additional information about the speaker as well as explore the other recorded presentations.

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