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T3: Triple Threat in Tech: Art, Music and Media

Monday 11:10 - Noon CDT
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Triple threat gridiron football is referring to a player who excels at all three of the skills of running, passing, and kicking. In theater, it is someone who can sing, dance, and act equally the same. In technology is it the ability to excel in creating your own artwork, composing your own music, then producing your own movies. Once you take the plunge to be a triple threat, by creating your own art, composing your own music and producing your own movies, it will change in the way you interact with all the arts. You will begin to create more, learn more, and share more.This triple threat presentation shares a trilogy of opportunities for your students can use to express themselves.

This presentation includes two interviews with triple threat educators: Tricia Fuglestad, a K-5 Art Teacher and Linda Keene, an architect and professor at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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I am an arts educator first, a musician second, for music is the glue of the soul. It is sometimes called the "universal language," however, I disagree, it is the language of all human beings opening their souls to each other. Music brings together the visual arts and performing arts (movies). They all coexist. Even the museums pipe in music, dancers use music, and we all know how music is used in politics. By creating ALL the media yourself we become a triple threat in tech!

Compose in ten minutes

Presenting websites
Tricia Fuglestad - Fugleflicks Dryden Art Website
Linda Keene -

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SketchBook X
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