Embracing Web 2.0 for the Administrator

Bill Carozza (Hopkinton, NH)

Bill Carozza's Webpage

Click on the arrow in the middle of the screen to enter our BackChannel Chat. You will be able to share your ideas during the presentation.

Watch the video on your own after the conference.

Bill's Links:

Bill's Blog

The Blog is entitled "Principal Reflections" and uses the easy to navigate "Wordpress" online software. The blog is free and domain name is a nominal fee per year.

Bill's Wiki

I utilize "Wikispaces", the same online software as this page uses. Wikispaces is free for educational sites. Nearly every committee is our school and district utilize a wiki to document our work and provide a forum for editing documents.

Bill's Podcast

I used to work in radio so podcasting is a ton of fun. I use Garageband and a Shure SM58 microphone with very little processing. It has become a popular way to get the word out in my district.

Harold Martin School web page

Like my Blog, we use Wordpress to update our school and district web sites and while there are prettier methods, this online software allows me to easily keep information fresh and current.

Bill on Twitter

There may be no greater way to gain quick, timely professional development than Twitter. Don't believe me? Give it a shot. Head to my Wiki for links on Twitter.

I'd be glad to help anyone with questions...feel free to contact me via one of the above links or through email.