GPS and Geocaching

Jennifer Deyenberg

(East Lothian, Scotland)

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GPS and Geocaching Helpful links and Resources:

GPS and Geocaching – getting started – An overview of how to set up geocaching for students:

How do I operate the GPS units and load caches on the Website? Downloadable pdf instruction sheets here:

So what containers can you use? Unique Containers –

Candy and movies on a holiday – no way! - get outside and be active – it’s more fun!

What do you put in the caches? Anything! (math problems, science experiments, bits of a story, vocabulary to learn together, geographic locations to map, puzzles to get the next co-ordinates, puzzles pieces to collect all and solve together, matches to find)

The next level – Travel bugs, tracks, geotagging, QR codes, podcaching
A geocaching field trip using caches from the network

Geocaching and Art -

Geocaching and Literacy - Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins
The Very Hungry Caterpillar -

Geocaching Spelling -

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Geocaching and Math - Cash Caches -

Geolocating History - WWII

Design Your Own Geocache -

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