Jared Colley (Arlington, Texas)Joel Garza (Addison, Texas)

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Using Tech Tools to Build Collaborative Communities

Tuesday 11:00 - 11:50 CDT
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This presentation demonstrates how three teachers used Tech Tools to build collaborative communities between their campuses. The idea was born out of a collaboration designed to do something very traditional between English classes. Growing from a shared interest to try something different, teachers experimented to understand the organic but deliberate aspects of one instance of collaboration, made possible by technology and open-minded spirits. In the beginning, however, the idea was largely traditional: to host a collaborative, inter-institutional paper conference for high school students. This is the story of how a traditional vision became the catalyst for 21st century learning practices – attempting, from there, to outline the emotional anatomy of such collaborative experiences.

Learn more about Jared and Joel at their blogs:
What Should We Do With Our Classrooms?
Dubliners Collaboration Blog
Richard III Collaboration Blog

Contact Info:

Jared Colley
Chair, English Department
The Oakridge School

Joel Garza
English Instructor
Greenhill School

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Additional Resources:

Tech Tools We Used to Facilitate Online Collaboration:
1. We used Blogger to upload and share demonstrations of student learning
Blog site for Dubliners project: dubliners2013.blogspot.com
Blog site for Richard III project: WeReadR3.blogspot.com
2. Joel used Audacity to record mp3 files for the other schools
3. Jared used GarageBand to record mp3 files for the other schools
4. We used GoogleDocs to share "Thought Pieces" that anyone could comment on and perhaps edit.
5. We used smart phones to shoot video that we then would upload to YouTube and embed in Blogger

Here's an at-a-glance, walk-through of the Dubliners collaboration with examples of student work:
1. Joel Garza visits Hockaday School to deliver his students' questions in person to Hockaday students who then gave him questions to bring back to Greenhill School: Go Here.
2. Dr. Deborah Moreland of Hockaday blogs about her class's perspective here.
3. Oakridge students want in on the conversation, so they start publishing posts here and here.
4. Greenhill students, using Audacity, record an mp3 file for both Hockaday and Oakridge; follow the link here
5. Oakridge students, using GarageBand, record an mp3 response for both Greenhill and Hockaday; follow the bottom link here
6. Oakridge write midterm essays on Aristotle and Dubliners (it was technically of Philosophy class...) for Hockaday's Philosophy & Lit. class here
7. Hockaday Philosophy students respond to Oakridge essays by recording, uploading, and embedding a YouTube video here
8. Oakridge students record and upload "trailer" vids for their formal essays; examples can be found here
9. Students submit papers and several are chosen to present at the coloquium; examples here, here, and here.
10. Watch video (produced by Oakridge Video Production students) of the 2013 Dubliners Colloquium here

Feel free to explore our other collaborative journey with Richard III here

Other examples of podcasting, etc.:
Here's an example of Jared Colley's former students helping podcast to his current students about W. Shakespeare's Macbeth
Here is a podcast-inspired interview Joel Garza did with Greenhill athletics department.
Here is an exemplary soundfile that a student recorded in response to Genesis last year in Joel Garza's lit. class.
Here is a recording Joel Garza made for my AP lit class as they were collaborating with a Greenhill art history instructor for a unit on Gutai art.
Please feel free to use Joel Garza’s Soundcloud page where he compiles faculty (and poets!) reading poetry.
Please feel free to annotate with Joel Garza’s Greenhill students on his LitGenius page, which can be found here

Reflections on Collaboration:
Collaborating Across Campuses: a Google Site Resource
An Authentic Audience: Lit Genius and Soundcloud by Joel Garza
More on Authentic Audiences for 21st Century Students: Why We Read, Write, and Think for Each Other by Jared Colley
Transcending Isolation in Classrooms: Google Docs and How to Learn as a Community by Jared Colley
More on Learning as a Community: How Google Docs can Redefine the Roles of Class Discussion for Teachers and Shy Kids Alike by Jared Colley
More on Reading & Thinking for Each Other: Why Students Need to Create, Curate, & Own their Knowledge & Learning by Jared Colley
The Joys of Collaboration: Shakespeare Across the Campuses by Jared Colley

Jared Colley's Work on Gamification:
Gamifying the Classroom: a Google Site Resource
How to Innovate an English Class? Some Notes from a First Time Gamer by Jared Colley
A Teacher's Reflection on Student Responses to Gamifying English Class for the First Time by Jared Colley

Metaphors We Teach By, Part One: Cultivating Student Empowerment - The Rhetoric of Debt vs. the Rhetoric of Emancipation by Jared Colley
Metaphors We Teach By, Part Two – More on the Rhetoric of Emancipation, Jacques Ranciere on Equality by Jared Colley

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